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 Mr.Eddie's App

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PostSubject: Mr.Eddie's App   Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:10 pm

DFX name(s): Mr.Eddie (Eddie)
Age: 10
Who do you know in -JYD-: Viper, Ironman, Wild Willy
MSN Msgr or EMail: shaun_harries@hotmail.com
Xfire: 1234shaun
Former Squads: TNT, UF, GrS, F.A.B, DTS
Time spent on your last Squad: TNT-2yrs. UF-yr. GRS-half yr. FAB-Half Yr. DTS-Month
Reason for leaving the last Squad: TNT-Unorganized and very bad squad. UF-Closed. GRS-Closed. FAB-Closed. DTS-Closed.
Timezone: GMT UK
Reason for applying to -JYD-: Because Wild Willy is my brother and i think they'll last and there gd.

Wild Willy posted this for him, Eddie told me info.
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PostSubject: Re: Mr.Eddie's App   Sat Mar 21, 2009 4:40 pm

Yep, go ahead and put recruit tags on -JYD-r

Just remember becoming a full member depends on how often you play with us, how well you do, and how often you communicate with us in the forums. So, try and do all 3 and you'll have a good chance at making the squad. Good luck.


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Mr.Eddie's App
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